Expert Training for Police is Critical to Stop Child Exploitation

A colleague of mine, Dr. Joe Sullivan of Mentor Forensics in Ireland, was in Canada recently to train some of their police forces in understanding the behavior of sex offenders.  See the news coverage in the Winnipeg Free Press here:

Dr. Sullivan is a globally renowned expert in understanding the behavior of sex offenders.  He trains police and child protection officials all over the world on how to prevent, deter, and target those who prey on children.  His cutting-edge training should be part of the arsenal of every investigative agency.  Without understanding how they think, how can investigators catch these often savvy technology using criminals?  He also teaches them what interview strategies and techniques work the best with different kinds of sex offenders, leading investigators to more detailed admissions of guilt.  Sophisticated training, as well as specialized technical tools, are a must when fighting against child sexual exploitation.  We are not putting nearly enough resources into this problem.  I will continue to draw attention to advanced techniques like those taught by Dr. Sullivan in future posts.

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