Women Are Child Abusers Too

Unfortunately, the image of “mother as lioness defending her young” was shattered for me long ago.  Sometimes it was because I had women defendants, including one grandmother who helped her husband sexually abuse their two young granddaughters.  Sometimes it was because mothers supported the offender – a husband or boyfriend – over their own children throughout the court process.  One trend I noticed as a federal prosecutor was the growing existence of women depicted sexually abusing children in online images of child pornography.  This news story, about a wealthy Dallas woman, shows that women are increasingly involved in sexually exploiting children.  Please see the article by the Dallas Star-Telegram at http://bit.ly/162dquN

One thought on “Women Are Child Abusers Too

  1. BJ

    ” Women Are Child Abusers Too ”
    The majority of homicides of child under 12 are perpetrated by mothers … 45% of the homicides of children of all ages are perpetrated by mothers … the person that poses the greatest danger to a new-born is it’s mother. Women are the primary abusers of children .


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