More On the HERO Child Protection Corps

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the HERO Corps, a group of former Special Ops veterans who have volunteered again to serve their country.  This time, instead of going after terrorists, they are hunting those who would prey upon children.  In a joint effort between the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Oak Ridge National Lab, and the National Organization To Protect Children, wounded warriors were recruited into a pilot program to learn how to conduct digital forensic investigations in child exploitation cases with the goal of hunting down predators and rescuing child victims.

I was honored to help train these warriors at Oak Ridge in August.  They were an amazing group.  To a man (and woman!), they were eager to learn everything they would need to know to start investigating child exploitation cases during their year internship with Homeland Security Investigations.  They will be spread throughout the country over the next year, and were all sworn in officially last week after intensive weeks of training.  This pilot program will be a huge success, and this country desperately needs more dedicated warriors fighting against those who would sexually exploit children.  I plan to do all I can to support this program and help see that it is continued.  (And to see that the heroes who volunteered for this unpaid internship secure a job using these new predator-catching skills after their year is over.)  Some of these dedicated warriors are featured in this HERO Corps video:

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