Bullying Prevention Conference

I am very excited and honored to be presenting at the International Bullying Prevention Association (IBPA) 10th Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee November 10-12th. Given all the recent headlines surrounding bullying and teens, this conference is simply critical for those seeking information and solutions to the problem of bullying.  The keynote speakers and workshops are outstanding, and will feature a collection of solutions,  knowledge, best practices, and the latest research from the field to aid all attendees in strategies to create more compassionate schools and communities.

I am presenting with Sharon Girling, a retired crimes against children detective from the UK who was recognized by the Queen of England for her creation of an innovative tool to identify children being depicted in images of child sexual abuse online.  We will focus our presentation on software tools that can monitor digital devices used by children at school.  This monitoring tool is designed to capture only problematic behavior, and sends alerts when certain key words and phrases are used or searched for by children on a school’s network.  The tool, produced by Securus Software and in use by 3500 schools in the UK, has proven invaluable in alerting school authorities to ongoing bullying and threats of violence and suicide by children.  We will be providing case studies of some of these during our presentation at the conference.  Please see the IBPA website for more information about the organization and the conference here:  http://bit.ly/18Ti3wI

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