Police Save An Infant From Unspeakable Abuse

I have written here before about how the lack of resources can severely, and scandalously, limit the ability of police to act quickly to rescue child victims of sexual abuse.  A recent case in California shows just how quickly police can act when the circumstances rise to the level of urgent.  Unfortunately, this lack of resources means that not every case is treated as urgent.  In the case I mention, however, the victim was a 3 month old infant.  The predator who was sexually abusing the child sent images of this horrific abuse to an undercover detective in England.  Authorities there acted immediately in contacting US authorities.  In California, agents with the Department of Homeland Security acted the day they received the lead and rescued this poor baby.  The defendant, who is reportedly related to the child (probably his father, I am guessing) faces 15-60 years in federal prison.  I certainly hope he receives the maximum possible punishment.

This case shows that the problem of child sexual exploitation is truly global.  The efforts by law enforcement in both the UK and the US in this case were nothing short of Herculean.  It also must have required very fast action by Internet Service Providers, possibly in both countries.  If only we could act so quickly in every case where images of children are being shared we would rescue far more children from the degradation and abuse they suffer.  It has been estimated that a child is sexually abused every 10 seconds in the US.  As I write, dozens or even hundreds of children are being abused.  Many of these children will have the images of these terrible acts shared with other like-minded sexual deviants around the globe.  Recent reports indicate hundreds of thousands of young girls and boys are being enslaved through forced prostitution in many countries, including the US, which has ranked in the top 5 countries for child prostitution.  We simply must begin to prioritize the lives and innocence of our children.  

The Internet is a wondrous and monstrous tool.  It has allowed the explosion of sexual deviants and their horrific sexual appetites free reign in places all over cyberspace.  Law enforcement and prosecutors are undermanned and underfunded. Until the public truly unites and rises up to protest this lack of priority, more children like the 3 month old in California or little girls in Brazil or Atlanta will be victimized by those who prey on them.  The children are waiting for us to act.  What are we waiting for??  http://lat.ms/1bMFruH

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