The Worst of the Worst: Predators Targeting Babies

I made another appearance on TheLip.TV’s show Crime Time here in Los Angeles this afternoon.  If you don’t subscribe to their YouTube Channel, you should!  The show features the juxtaposition of the law and current events.  The host of the show is Allison Hope Weiner.  On today’s show, we discussed some of the most disturbing kinds of child sexual abuse cases:  those where the offender has a deviant sexual interest in infants.  I know, it doesn’t seem real but it is.  The very worst images I ever had to view during my time as a federal prosecutor were those that featured toddlers and infants.  I will never forget them.  I wish I could.  How could anyone think it is ok for these people to live outside prison walls?  For the full interview, please go to


2 thoughts on “The Worst of the Worst: Predators Targeting Babies

  1. lizzycarebear

    I saw the YouTube video and admire what you have done to protect the innocent children from these horrendous offenders. As a mom, I cannot imagine this happening to any child. All children deserve to be cared for and loved. I want to ask you, what can we do as citizens to help? I am tired of hearing of these cases and sitting on the sidelines. What signs of potential abuse or offender behavior should we be looking out for?

    1. Francey Hakes Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment and kind words. One great contribution everyone can make to protecting children is to get involved with your local child advocacy center. These centers are the hub – involving police, DFACS, and prosecutors – in ensuring children are compassionately interviewed and treated after an allegation of child abuse or neglect. I am sure there is one in your area. Your donation, of time or money, directly helps vulnerable children at the most difficult time of their lives. Thanks for reading my blog and caring about children. Francey


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