Child Advocacy-Podcast Edition

I am so thrilled to announce the launch of my new podcast “Best Case Worst Case.”  It is available now on iTunes or or your favorite listening app.  My co-host is Jim Clemente, retired FBI profiler and current writer/producer on CBS’ Criminal Minds tv show.  In this podcast, Jim and I interview our friends and colleagues in law enforcement about their best and worst cases.  Some are very high profile, all take you behind police lines through the revelations of the police and prosecutors who lived these cases.  In our newest episode, former FBI agent Bobby Chacon gives a chilling inside look at his experiences on 911, the worst case in US history.  In the very first episode, Jim interviews me about my best, and as it happens my very first, criminal case.  I interview Jim in our second episode about his worst case, and its one that was very high profile and extremely tragic on all sides.  Please subscribe on iTunes and consider giving us 5 stars so we can keep taking you behind police lines.  You can go here for the podcast:  Wondery media podcast  or to YouTube to see videos and get the trailer for the podcast:  YouTube



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